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Over time and multiple generations, one of the finest collections of old and vintage Armagnacs in the world has been incorporated.

The history of Jean Cavé Armagnac begins in 1883, when Mr. Jean Cavé, winemaker in Lannepax, settled as 'boiler farmer' surrounded by his wife and his two sons.


Located in the heart of Armagnac, this house has been succeed by four generations who have excelled in distillation, and ageing spirits of Armagnac.


Preserved in barrels of old oaks, they have been subjected to the passing of time to acquire the nobility of the greatest nectars.


The Jean Cavé team is still working with the precious advice of Henri Cavé, a fourth generation member of the family.


Their strength comes from their history, they are the guarantors of their continued development, the spirit of the house, and the passion of the soil.

Old and Vintage Armanacs

Today, Jean Cavé Armagnacs have benefitted from more than one hundred and thirty years of tradition. This stock of old Armagnac allows the Jean Cavé house to propose to it's customers a range of unique products.


These armagnacs are of very high quality for the elite connoisseurs, and seduce the neophytes from initial tasting.

Armagnac Assembly

The assembly of armagnac is a delicate alchemy, which requires a lot of experience.

It is provided by our cellar master who defines the subtle mixtures that complement each other best.

The aromatic palette of the diversity of its origin, is wide and complex.

The commercial designation is dictated by the age of the youngest armagnac entering the assembly.


Commercial Appellations of Armagnac

THREE STAR ARMAGNAC: Assembly of different armagnacs whose youngest is at least 1 year old.

V.S.O.P (Very Superior Old Pale) ARMAGNAC: Assembly of armagnacs aged for at least four years in wooden casks.

X.O (Extra Old) ARMAGNAC: Assembly whose ageing is at least six years old.

OUT OF AGE ARMAGNAC: Assembly of armagnacs the youngest of which is 10 years old.

 Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Fashion   Designer, is a fan of our Armagnac 

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